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Scrumix Online
Scrumix in online project and task management application service.It's main purpose is to try to make things a little bit easier handle and organize with as much simplicity as possible. And it is also free to try and use ! See scrumix demo from here.

Scrumix server version is completely free to use.
Manage your project with Scrumix
  • create and edit projects
  • administer project permissions
  • view reports
  • create milestones
  • view all task statuses
  • view all task priorities and types
Visualize tasks with Task board
  • show task cards by project areas
  • change task statuses
  • view task status by project area
  • view task priorities by project area
  • view task types by project area
  • change assignee or project area
  • resolve tasks
Manage individual tasks
  • change task status
  • set project area for task
  • set task type for task
  • set priority for task
  • create subtask and links
  • view task history
Free / 3 users or less 10 users or less 25 or less
30 days price 0 Eur 3 Eur 8 Eur
90 days price 0 Eur 15 Eur 40 Eur
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Credits for those who deserve it

Xinha a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor Mootools javascript framework TiddlyWiki a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
GreyBox A pop-up window that ... mForm form elements

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